Making a MOBILE Sorting System in Minecraft
In this Mumbo Redstone Video, I build a fully automatic Minecraft sorting system, with functional shulker box sorter, BUT It's MOBILE. This is a Minecraft storage system that can be accessed from various different access points you build around your Minecraft base. Making use of Minecart chests to deliver your items from a redstone item sorter.
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    To those mentioning Ender chests - they are for essentials. If you used the full capacity of your ender chest and then full capacity of your mobile sorter - you would have 54 shulkers boxes that are accessible in most areas of your base - that could (Bar bulk storage items) replace a regular storage system quite easily. It's also important to remember the sorting element would work for ender chest shulker boxes too!

    • Lorenzo Valente
      Lorenzo Valente


    • Vetera Novus
      Vetera Novus

      I challenge you to build a 6 way flying machine that is also a shorting system.

    • Gunder

      Mumbo you have broken my mind with your red stone knowledge🙌🏻

    • Sillymanblah Gaming
      Sillymanblah Gaming

      Mumbo! This Video inspired me to make my own storage system (similar to yours but it is horizontal: Thank you for all you do and keep up the great content!

    • Carson Donnel
      Carson Donnel

      Mumbo you should actually make this in hermit craft. Such a fantastic idea!!

  • Thrush Da Wolf
    Thrush Da Wolf

    When Mumbo says something is simple All his fans: *sigh*

  • Denmark

    Death stranding: Minecraft edition

  • Topher

    My God man, you are a genius psycho... my redstone knowledge goes as far as putting a button adjacent to an iron door... I love your videos but I can't build anything like you

  • zexmsbest

    Ethoslab did it first


    Notice how we all watch mumbo's crazy redstone videos ,understanding nothing yet still enjoy and believe one day (ONE DAY!!)we will be able to build it

  • Lego Gamer
    Lego Gamer

    I've always wondered, how does he start building when he's in that ground-less world

  • PatrickTalksALot

    Next up you need to make a flying sorting system with hopper minecarts and chess minecarts... I think it is possible..

  • Daniel Oh
    Daniel Oh

    Now wouldn't this be perfect for pacific.

  • InsaneTacoz

    Awwwww! This looks so awesome! Is there a tutorial by any chance…?

  • Daniel Scruton
    Daniel Scruton

    use this for pacific’s shopping cart

  • Jack Bird
    Jack Bird

    Bumbo I confuzez mez gumbo personi

  • luningning Ginez
    luningning Ginez

    Please make a block for block tutorial for this. I really wabt to make it too

  • Tom Gaskill
    Tom Gaskill

    Jumbo is one of those people who measure time in redstone ticks.

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    Roland Sibuan

    You're not teach all person, but only right slow example talk about

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    C Gillis

    Great video :) Lotsa smart stuff here

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    Patricia D-S

    *Laughs in Bedrock Edition*

  • Paul Seay
    Paul Seay

    I have invented a pretty cool railway system that I think should be in Hermitcraft

  • Ruben Movies
    Ruben Movies

    Woah enderchest

  • Yaba Jaba
    Yaba Jaba

  • Ramenoodles

    i would love to see this on the hermit craft server

  • Marco Rosa
    Marco Rosa

    666 dislikes lmao

  • Devjeet Mishra
    Devjeet Mishra

    5 months later: I made a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base in a hidden base......

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana

    Or you can go to bedrock and move chests

  • MWIKnight

    The only problem i see is if the hub is in an unloaded chunk.

  • Trevor Lyons
    Trevor Lyons

    You should maybe add a universal return for all stations

  • GLP Dubstep intro fan
    GLP Dubstep intro fan

    The German youtuber thejocraft did this like 4years ago

  • TheTheta WithWings
    TheTheta WithWings

    Ok so... you could just have the request buttons disable powered rails in the station where the minecart goes into, then request a minecart from the stack

  • Wingwraith99

    this is just a regular sorting system plus minecarts that put things in the input chest for you...

  • turnip man
    turnip man

    mumbo really likes the pimple popper huh

  • Darthy Boi
    Darthy Boi

    Me and my friend made it so you can have 27 instead of 9

  • Diego TNT
    Diego TNT

    I thought he said that i He built a sorting system on mobile:v

  • Entertainment with Vardaan
    Entertainment with Vardaan

    I understand everything 😅😅. Do you 😅😅

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    Mumbo describing something and saying its simple: me:◉ 👄◉ ya about that.....

  • Kushal Potluri
    Kushal Potluri

    When he said mobile I thought he meant mobile Minecraft and since I play on mobile I thought I could use it

  • GalacticViper

    you should build this in Hermitcraft! put one hub at your base, and one at your industrial district

  • Charley Cheno
    Charley Cheno

    I have a Minecraft account but I don't know how to play Minecraft!

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    Dark Wolf29

    It’s not a Mumbo Jumbo video if the pimple popper isn’t mentioned😂

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    tatos529 Gaming :P

    When you realize the type of mobile he is talking about Mobile users who play Minecraft: Am I a joke to you?

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    BoomDogZ Gamer

    WARNING ALL VIEWERS!!! copyright © Do not clame as your Redstone build for that is copyright!!! it may be lilegle!!!

  • ENKK 25
    ENKK 25

    for your ISnets rewind can you make a compilation of failed video ideas

  • Cactus Town
    Cactus Town

    1:34 What do you mean "Almost 2 access points"?! 🤪

  • Thomas R Sheffield
    Thomas R Sheffield

    pls do a tutorial of this!

  • Blue Dragon30
    Blue Dragon30

    Wow That is really really cool

  • Power Plaze-YT
    Power Plaze-YT

    Mumbo how do i get this world on my ipad minecraf im on my ipad now and i presed the downlod link it downloded but what do i do now so it is on my minecraft

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    It would be nice if there were a way to access a specific box or set of boxes from any access point. Of course, I assume that would have an exponential impact on the complexity of the build.

  • Saukhya Lawhale
    Saukhya Lawhale

    Make this on hermitcraft server

  • turnip man
    turnip man

    Make it in hermitcraft

  • Squigloo Boo
    Squigloo Boo

    Me: builds rail with minecart to carry items to my item sorter MUMBO: Okay, no we break the circuits here and hopefully it only filters down the rails, oh, I need a dropper okay and now it should put the rest in the shulkers...

  • Liam Dee
    Liam Dee

    Why don’t you do a tutorial for building this

  • Kurt langenfeld
    Kurt langenfeld

    is this "simple" mumbo

  • movelikejaeger

    1:14 YEET

  • Wesley Mays
    Wesley Mays

    Thank you so much for the world download! Gonna try to make a sort of token-ring system for this. (Unless currently requesting the minecart, just pass it along, and at the end it goes back to the hub.)

    • Wesley Mays
      Wesley Mays

      UPDATE: Can't get this world to load, no matter what I do. Not asking for help, decided I'd actually rebuild this from scratch.

  • Mihai %
    Mihai %

    the front view looks like my bedrock chest "mover" (lack of an better term)

  • Phillip Bekkevold
    Phillip Bekkevold

    Addexio did something like this a few years back

  • Kieran Slapman
    Kieran Slapman

    This is the monster inc door storage thing in Minecraft

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    Kshitiz Maurya

    Say those magical words Mumbo! This might be ______

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    Unchained Gabe

    The best part was 2:56

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    leen shen

    2019 good 2020 omggggggg

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    Luis heller

    hey la verdad amazing video me encanto ansioso de el proximo éxito me voy les envio besitos gracias

  • Charles Pedersen
    Charles Pedersen

    And now he needs to connect it up to a super smelter so you can either A. Put ore in be smelted and have it sorted or B. (More complicated I think) put it in to the sorter and then have it smelted and put back in. The problem with that would be cobble and the like (non ore burnables)

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    Jeremy Brown

    Jumbo plz contact me

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    Emile Parent

    2:48 is exclusive footage of Mumbo learning chinese

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    I feel intelligent after watching this

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    plop plopp

    Pimple poppers??

  • mratimuthi

    also make a shop in the district that people can hire you to build one of these for them

  • mratimuthi

    mumbo i found this video very very interesting. please make a detailed tutorial

  • jebać disa
    jebać disa

    Mumbo make an ultimate redstone hidden base, please.

  • Lucas Wolfhope
    Lucas Wolfhope

    You should make a pin pin table Redstone

  • Jan-Ole Rost
    Jan-Ole Rost

    yes try it on hermitcraft

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    Toaster Chan

    6 mill :D

  • Vengeful_ Pluto
    Vengeful_ Pluto

    Congrats, you've made a public-access ender chest with delay... that is only useful if you feel like building a station wherever you start a project... and only useful until that project is complete.

  • salam kabad
    salam kabad

    My poor brain.. I should take a break from watching this for a while

  • DrXpTs

    It is relatively simple but I don’t even know what observers are for

  • CHTech Industries
    CHTech Industries

    Here’s an idea Have this in hermit craft, but with modifications. For instance, a “normal” sorting system takes inputs, sorts them, and puts them into groups. Groups might be “Tools and Weapons” “Redstone” and so on. When you request a minecart, you actualy request a specific one, and that one is is sent. You then tell it to return, but to do that you hit “retern” and have a few seconds (pulse extender) to click the “bring’ button. Request redstone, send-request. That request will tell it, after getting that “send back”, that the cart goes to “Redstone”, where sorting can begining. But, 2 other things are: Once it gets there, a hopper empties it, and a dispenser places the shulker boxes. (Depending on how many are in your largest cart, that’s how many you’ll need), then return breaks the boxes, puts them in the cart, then sends it. The cart then drops off the shulker boxes, and goes to the bottom. Building will never be the same! Especialy if you get the terminals super-simple (Have the hub do any logic), setting one up won’t be too hard, so you want to do a large project in a distant part of your base? Make this, and your storage system is there! When you get too much iron ore, request an empty “Input” chest, put it in, send it back (Then input minecart probaly won’t, though I guess it could, use shulker boxes), and it takes it all to be sorted. It sees the iron and gold ore, and sends it, not to the “materials” section, but the smelting area, where the iron get’s auto-smelted (With a super smelter, obviously), and then auto-sorted. Also, a way of automating glass (1 chest full at all times? Or a shulker box, that when there needs to be full? (If not there, stuatus is unknown, don’t wan’t extra), but now your glass is taken care of! Your mob farm can be integrated...

  • Oliver

    Imagine if you could use hoppers on enderchests I’ve just realised that you could take items from anyone’s echest from that so that was a stupid suggestion I’m sorry

  • R3G3N3R4T0R

    Then Mumbo started the first cloud storage service on Minecraft on the Hermitcraft server

  • James Surname Pending
    James Surname Pending

    Mumbo: here's a simple mobile sorting system. Me: still trying to figure out how he's building this in thin air!??? Also me: Ah yes its mumbo, he's a wizard!

  • Rocket

    1:14 why do I find this so funny ?

  • Tie Wrap
    Tie Wrap

    Make an item transport system using dolphins!

  • Big Chungus /OLD ACCOUNT
    Big Chungus /OLD ACCOUNT

    It dosnt work. I’m in version 1.9 I can’t download higher versions bcuz it just s my grandmother’s pc

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    Mumbo for Mayor? Heck yeah

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    what can you not make with redstone?

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    M33 SILVER

    use a detector rail with how much delay you want

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    Jignesh Gupta

    I don't understand, not one bit of it... But I really like it.

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    GUYS AT THE Scicraft Server: Interesting

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    And I thought you made it in Bedrock Edition when you said MOBILE

  • Rae Ding Xin Yan
    Rae Ding Xin Yan

    I tested your world and I called a minecart when the items are still going down the hopper being sorted and the items go to the chest at the bottom. The items I used are observers and pistons.

  • MeliMelon

    Wait wait wait wait wait... is this Sahara???

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    peter fensom

    I just figured out how to make words *bold* on youtube *hello world*

  • I'd like to Be immortal
    I'd like to Be immortal

    This is what happens behind the scenes for ender chests all this happens inside a single block

  • Falcon Vaporeo
    Falcon Vaporeo

    I started by trying to replicate his design but then I felt guilty of copying so now I'm trying to make a system that works through the nether and it's killing me but I'm nearly done :D

  • Milktea

    New Sahara system

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    Zororororoark Hi

    I would say nerd but I can’t keep saying that to the people smarter than me

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    this video made me want to subscribe twice to u

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    Matthias Richard

    This is such a cool design mumbo. Keep up the great work!

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    Traziiex Productions

    Me : didn't play Minecraft for a while ... Also me : "what is a chocobox ?"

  • ag daboss
    ag daboss

    I hate to be a downer but if this can only do one chest of shulkers then this seems like an expensive replacement for an ender chest

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